Kalikal Kalpataru Param Yogiraj Dada  
Gurdev Shrimad Vijay Rajendrasuriswarji
Maharaj Saheb

"Desire to excel in order to achieve sustained satisfaction"

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With the grace & blessing of Shri Javerchand Nopaji, Varsha Group was established in the year 1974, under the great visionary , Mr. Shantilal Jain.

Starting with a humble beginning of a small manufacturing business, the company then ventured into import & export of polymers, thereafter foraying into other business verticals like construction, bullion trade, stock & commodities and so on.

Mr. Shantilal Jain has spearheaded the organization with an extremely efficient and professional approach. With his dedicated efforts, Varsha Group has been able to achieve corporate excellence today.
The principles of Mr. Shantilal Jain have been embedded in the companies corporate actions. Each corporate activity is carried out with complete transparency.
The Group has a vision to further diversify in various business sectors at the same time carry out its moral responsibilities and create a better tomorrow.

Varsha Group Of Companies
Varsha Corporation Ltd.
India Gold Ltd.
Sharad Construction Co.
Varsha Constructions Ltd.
Varsha Commodities Ltd.
Varsha Ventures Ltd.
LCD Lifestyle Clinic
VHR Mentors Pvt. Ltd.
Patients Aid & Research Trust
Shri Nopaji Lakhmaji Charitable Trust

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