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Gurdev Shrimad Vijay Rajendrasuriswarji
Maharaj Saheb

"Desire to excel in order to achieve sustained satisfaction"

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Health & Fitness is all about getting top health and a fit body. Whether it is the size, shape, proportions, or health & Fitness level, keeping ourselves in shape is a beneficial for our lives.

LCD Lifestyle Clinic not only helps your fitness but also helps change the way you feel about your body, with a belief that attitude is one of the key factors in staying motivated and realizing the importance of taking care of the body you've been gifted.

At LCD, we offer you total fitness through the following :
Slimming Treatment Aerobics Kick Boxing Yoga & Power Yoga
Acupressure Therapy Dancing Karate Theraband & Swiss Ball Training
Point of contact :
Ms. Varsha S. Jain +91 93 2219 9209
+91 22 6527 6686



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