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Founded by Varsha Group, Patients Aid & Research Trust aims to lead the fight against medical ailments and bring about an improvement in the lives of people affected by life threatening diseases like cancer.

At PART, our objectives are :
  • To help patients irrespective of caste & communities.
  • To provide counseling to patients and their relatives.
  • To provide free medicines to poor and needy patients.
  • To provide financial assistance to deserving cases.
  • To spread awareness of various diseases.
  • To conduct camps as step to early detection and treatment.
  • To undertake activities on humanitarian grounds.


Varsha Group believes that it is extremely important to offer the society a gift of individual betterment and participate in religious activities to promote Jainism.

Other community services that we provide are :

  • Develop hospitals in villages.
  • Building sheds for cattle
  • Offering Solace through Old-Age Homes.
Point of contact :
Mr. Shantilal J. Jain +91 98200 95857
+91 22 6761 4300


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